ETT offers a full range of HEF Tanker trucks that meet all mining and safety requirements. Designed for surface mining and quarrying, our HEF trucks are built to be robust, stable and safe, ensuring reliable performance in the most demanding environments.


Tank capacities range from:

15 to 35 Tonnes

Our tanks can be fitted to articulating or rigid mining trucks.


ETT HEF Tankers are capable of pumping and augering the full range or bulk explosives.

Pumping Rate: 650kg/min

Augering Rate: 550kg/min


With years of experience building tankers, we are able to produce a machine with a low centre of mass, thus providing a stable and safe machine to operate.

The ETT HEF Tanker conforms to all safety control systems, ad incorporates ease of operation and maintenance access.

ALL ETT HEF Tankers are SABS Approved.

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