Designed for simple, safe and fast lubricant dispensing, ETT Lubrication Trucks are built to perform in the most demanding conditions. Fitted with high quality pumping equipment manufactured by renowned suppliers, we are able to supply a machine that will operate reliably and efficiently, ensuring all refuelling tasks remain on schedule.


The lockable dispensing cabinet features an array of nozzles configured to customer requirements. The dispense units are clearly labelled for operator convenience. Dispensing meters are fitted for precise monitoring of fluid transfer.


Spring Retracting Hose Reels are standard fitted to our lube units.

For heavy duty applications, an ETT designed and manufactured hydraulically retracting hose reel is available.


An optional auxiliary power unit can be fitted, eliminating the need for truck idle during operations and dispensing.

The APU will enter standby mode when dispensing functions are not in use, thus promoting fuel savings.


LED lights are fitted in and around our lube trucks to allow day and night time operations, ensuring reliable 24 hour operation.


Our Lube Trucks are sealed and pressurised to prevent contamination to lubrication products. Lube trucks are fitted with a removable canopy to allow easy maintenance and cleaning access.


High flow rates allow fast filling of fluids, ensuring minimum equipment downtime. All pumping systems are modular and fully customisable to customer spec.

We offer Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric pumping systems.


  • Integrated Steel Tanks: The fluid storage tanks are incorporated in the overall structure of our product, thus saving space, lowering the centre of gravity and increasing overall storage capacity.
  • Drum Storage: Drums are easily loaded with an on board crane and secured to the truck deck. The open deck consists of non slip grid walkways and a spill management system.

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