Safe access is a key requirement for operators of mobile mining and construction equipment .Engineering Top Tech manufactures a range of safe access systems and walkways specifically designed for most models of mining and earthmoving machinery manufactured by major mining equipment manufacturers.


The ETT Counterweighted Retractable Stair is professionally integrated with the machine, ensuring no warranty violations or performance impacts.


The counterweight ensures that the stairs remain locked in either the up or down position. In the even of an electrical fault, the stairs can be lowered manually.


The stair controls are integrated with the machine to ensure that the vehicle will no drive unless the stairs are in the up position. All stairs and walkways are of an extreme robust nature, ensuring safety and ease of operation.

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Engineering Top Tech has built its business and reputation on the provision of innovative, efficient and durable machinery. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet customer needs by providing solutions that guarantee reliable, continuous operation.

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